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6 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier For The Holiday Season



Most people want to make their homes cozy and ready for celebrations with the festive season quickly approaching, so it’s no wonder that Google searches for ‘prepare home for Christmas’ jumped by + 239% in the past month. In comparison, searches for ‘Christmas home improvements’ jumped +144% in the past week alone. With that in mind, here are six simple steps to get your home ready and cozy for the holidays from home decor expert and co-founder of a marketplace for new construction homes, NewHomesMate, Sofia Vyshnevska. 

1. Make a good first impression

Visitors need somewhere to remove their shoes, hang their coats, and place their possessions. Plenty of hooks, a closet to store coats, and a bench are vital. Practicalities aside, this space will also welcome your guests  — and you want to make a good first impression. A small rug, boot tray, or chic storage baskets can spruce up this space, then add a seasonal decoration or a vase of flowers to give it that homely touch.

2. Declutter every corner

Over time, our homes tend to fill with junk we never use. Clearing the clutter can open up a room, providing space for seasonal decorations that will instantly enhance your home. Throw, recycle, or donate any items that you no longer need, invest in compact storage solutions, and tidy away those possessions you don’t want to let go of.

3. Add a touch of color

A lick of paint can breathe new life into your home. Foliage colors — natural greens, yellows, and reds — are festive and fill us with feel-good feelings, setting the right tone during the holiday season. If you have your hands full preparing presents and planning meals, removing scuffs, stains, and dust on your walls can make a home much more inviting.

4. Call in the professionals

Before you heat the hearth, hire a chimney sweep to inspect, repair, and clean your fireplace. This will make it function more efficiently, keeping your home toasty for you and your guests. While you’re at it, clear your gutters and repair your appliances — You don’t want that minor problem you’ve ignored all year to become a major holiday disaster.

5. Stock (and tidy) the kitchen

Getting the turkey ready and cooking up an endless supply of desserts — The kitchen is the heart of a home during the holidays. You don’t want to waste time searching for the right tools and ingredients, so set aside a weekend to get your kitchen in order. Do you have enough silverware? Are your pots, pans, and utensils easily accessible? Don’t leave it until the last second to realize your kitchen isn’t ready for the holiday rush. 

6. Create a relaxation hub

After a delicious meal, you and your guests need a cozy space to unwind. Fill it with couches, bean bags, cushions, a TV, board games, and a Bluetooth speaker. A string of fairy lights can provide that festive feel, and as long as you keep the drinks and snacks flowing, your guests will be in no hurry to leave.


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