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Cam Newton’s Girlfriend Jasmin Brown Responds To Criticism Over Being With A Man Who Has So Many Kids


Gunnar Word/Getty Images

Free agent football star and podcaster Cam Newton is a dad of seven and about to add baby number eight to his brood. His girlfriend, comedienne Jasmin Brown, is currently expecting their first child together.

She recently posted a video with Newton and his children playing hide-and-seek. They can be heard in the background while she has the camera on her own face, smiling. On the video, the 34-year-old addressed the type of questions and criticism she’s received for having a baby with someone who already has so many kids.

“Why would you ever be with someone with 5 young children?” she wrote, adding an eye roll emoji. The text then read, “5x the love. 5x the fun. 5x the positive impact I get to have on their lives.”  

The couple allegedly began dating in 2021 and have managed to keep their relationship somewhat low-key since. 

Brown officially announced her pregnancy by revealing she’d be doing a comedy tour on October 27 titled the Third Times a Charm Tour. The flyer had an image of her in a yellow two-piece showing off her very visible baby bump. The title of it appears to be an attempt to troll detractors about her being the third woman to have a child with Newton so she can control the narrative. 

Fans had mixed responses to her pregnancy news with many criticizing her for being a hypocrite since she allegedly spoke against “baby momma culture” in the past.

Newton, 34, had his first four children with his former longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor and claims her oldest daughter as his own. They were together between 2013 and 2020. Newton also has a child, his youngest, with Instagram model LaReina Shaw and also claims her oldest son from a previous relationship as his own.

“I’m a proud father of seven,” the NFL player wrote on Instagram in 2020. “A Daddy isn’t defined as the man who makes the child. Blood doesn’t always make you DADDY being a dad comes from the heart.”

In the past, Newton commented on his relationship with the comedian saying it works because of their communication. “I like talking. We’re in tune,” he said in the summer on his podcast. “I’m so in tune that there’s nothing we can’t talk about. I think that’s what’s most important.”


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