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Clear + Brilliant Laser Honest Skin Treatment Review


I was advised to not use a lot of makeup in the days following my Clear + Brilliant treatment and to avoid any active skincare (so no exfoliation, acids, retinol, and avoiding any potentially sensitizing ingredients like vitamin C). However, Goodman stressed the importance of sunscreen, which is imperative every day but especially after a treatment where the skin is sensitized. Additionally, Goodman recommended I use skincare with EGF (epidermal growth factor), a type of peptide or protein chain that was developed to speed up wound healing. “This is fantastic at aiding in recovery,” explains Goodman. I immediately started using the RMÈD Renewal Serum with EGF, which contains different peptides that help stimulate collagen and elastin plus polyglutamic acid for hydration. A month after my treatment, I’m still using the serum — it’s that good. My skin is still brighter and more radiant than it was in late summer before I went in for my Clear + Brilliant treatment.


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