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Isabella Rossellini Vogue Italia October 2023


Covers of Vogue Italia may not rock your world as much as they once did when the late Franca Sozzani was at the helm. However, the Italian fashion bible’s current head of editorial content Francesca Ragazzi is certainly not unequipped at securing buzz-worthy cover stars. Over recent months, we’ve encountered covers with Gisele Bündchen, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Anok Yai, Kim Kardashian while last month’s cover went to model-of-the-moment Angelina Kendall.
For Italian Vogue‘s October 2023 installment, Ragazzi welcomes Isabella Rossellini as cover star, who at 71-years-old is a Vogue cover girl once again. Captured by photographer Zhong Lin and with Tati Cotliar on styling duties, the iconic Italian actress and long-serving Lancôme brand ambassador goes completely unretouched in the beautiful portrait cover shot, fronting Vogue Italia’s latest wearing Valentino.


The cover immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “I think it’s a beautiful portrait of an icon. A very British Vogue cover IMO,” pointed out fangora.
“This is actually lovely,” admired MON.
“Just beautiful,” VERNIQUE echoed.
Forum member crmsnsnwflks was also an admirer, commenting: “If this is the start of Vogue Italia’s collaboration with talented Chinese photographers, then I’m all for it. The cover is really gorgeous; it’s like an oil painting from the renaissance era.”
“Beautiful cover! Well impressed by it!” raved Ihhbl.
“Isabella looks great. I love this portrait, the hair, the makeup, the styling and that confidence in the eyes as well as the glamour she oozes. Such a cultural icon and a great woman. Good cover,” Bertrando3 heralded.
In love with the cover just as much as we are? Await more from Vogue Italia’s October 2023 issue and share your thoughts with us, here.


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