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Lana Del Rey US Harper’s Bazaar December 2023/January 2024


Despite members of theFashionSpot forums critiquing the vast majority of American Harper’s Bazaar covers under Samira Nasr, we simply cannot deny Nasr’s knack for securing A-list talent for the magazine’s front covers. Cover subjects throughout 2023 have included everyone from Taylor Russell to Reese Witherspoon and Paris Hilton to Margaret Qualley. Fronting Bazaar’s double December 2023/January 2024 installment for over the holiday season is Lana Del Rey. Captured by photographer Collier Schorr and with styling from Yashua Simmons, the American songstress appears melancholic in the demure cover shot, donning a white tulle skirt with petticoat from Prada, teamed with a pair of Prada shoes and Cartier earrings.


Per usual, members of theFashionSpot forums soon began deliberating over the end result. “I am not a Lana Del Rey fan but I love the cover photograph and the styling. Love the color palette,” admired MModa.

“The cover is decent by Collier Schorr standards, but Lana is always dull and lifeless in pictures,” pointed out forum member mepps.

“And then throw in the dullness of Samira Nasr’s Harper’s Bazaar and we have this,” responded vogue28. “Although I will admit, it’s not the worst cover Nasr has delivered us. There’s just zero joy, life or energy for an issue which will be sat on shelves over the festive holiday season.”

“You can’t have nice things. Not even for the Dec-Jan issue. Maybe Lana was a bad girl, so the only thing Santa’s brought her is a bad wig,” tigerrouge commented.

Royal-Galliano said: “If I were a photographer, I would be embarrassed to hand in such work!”

“Lana del Rey deserves much better,” an underwhelmed WAVES declared.

“A cute cover by US Bazaar standards, but other magazines have done a much better job with Lana. I audibly gasped at the sight of that horrid wig. Unexpected subject choice, though. I appreciate that,” voiced aracic.

Are you a fan? See more of Lana Del Rey as a Harper’s Bazaar cover girl and share your thoughts, here.


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