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Naked Beauty Planet’s Brooke DeVard Launched A New Bathrobe


Photo: Courtesy of Sean Funcik.

“This year was the first year I thought about selling a physical product to my audience,” Naked Beauty Planet’s Brooke DeVard tells ESSENCE. Since 2016, the content creator has been growing an audience through over 250 unfiltered talks on her Naked Beauty Podcast. With episodes tapping into topics such as fragrance wardrobes, black beauty standards, and wellness tips, DeVard is now encouraging her community to embrace self-care in a new way– with the launch of her new bathrobe.

Now, you can cozy up in your robe while listening to these stimulating podcast episodes, doing your skincare routine at night, or even while working from home to look cute but still feel comfortable. “In between working from home, maybe someone comes over,” she says. “I want to feel put together, even if I’m in a robe,” she adds about the robe which is partially inspired by her trip to Japan. “I loved the upper silhouette and functionality of a kimono.”

But instead of traditional Japanese silk, DeVard went for 100% cashmere sourced from a mill in Mongolia. “It’s so soft, it’s so quality, it’s going to last,” she says, with each robe adorned with an embroidered rose. “This is something that you buy once and you have for your lifetime.”

Naked Beauty Planet’s Brooke DeVard Launched A New Bathrobe

In addition to the silhouette and fabric, the bold color options define the debut product. “I think red is such a beautiful color, there’s something very passionate about red,” she says. “That’s why I’ve kind of leaned into it so heavily,” with reference to a bright couch in their Naked Beauty media room in Los Angeles. But “I still want to feel chic and elegant,” she explains of why she opted for a black option as well. 

On the heels of this launch and rebranding the Naked Beauty brand as a whole, DeVard has more innovative plans up her sleeve. “I’m working on more products,” she says. “I have a fragrance coming out next year, and I’m still working on hair rollers now that I finally nailed down the brand identity,” DeVard says. She’s also planning to launch coffee mugs and slippers as well– all things that encourage people to practice self-love and care. 

Above all, she’s just excited to continue growing and tapping into new ventures alongside her incredible community. “Oftentimes we think being an entrepreneur is this lonely journey,” she says. “But when you surround yourself with like-minded people, it’s like you’re all kind of growing together.”

The Naked Beauty bathrobe is available for pre-order now at


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