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Product of the Week: Maison Margiela’s ‘REPLICA’ Bubble Bath Candle


Tomas Rodriguez /Getty Images

For me, an ideal day during the holiday season sounds like waking up on a Lazy Sunday Morning  and spending time By The Fireplace after a Winter Stroll. Lucky for me, Maison Margiela’s REPLICA scented candle collection is inspired by these seasonal moments. As a writer who works from home, these scents help me power through the day. 

Additionally, as someone with Virgo placements, maintaining a clean, sanitary work-life environment is at the top of my to-do list. I carved out time this season– between the holiday hostings and cooking fragrant dinners– to build the signature scent of my home. The aromas had to be fresh and clean– like me-time in a foaming bath– while also cocooning and relaxing– like floating in hot, soothing water. I dreamt of a scent that reminded me of the laundromat and spa all in the comfort of long burning candle wax.

A few months ago, while shopping at Maison Margiela in New York, their REPLICA candle arrangement called out to my nose. The wax encased in porcelain-white glass was adorned with the iconic fabric label. Sniffing through all of the scents, the unlit soapy aroma of the Bubble Bath scented candle stopped me in my tracks. The white-coated shopkeeper wrapped the candle in a discreet, cloth bag. I returned to the quietude of my studio apartment to unveil the candle, introducing the waxy aroma to my home.

Thanks to notes of soap bubbles, rose, white musk, and coconut milk, the candle invites the lightness of spring to winter. With over 40 hours of burn time, the scent elicits the comforting memory of plunging into the bubbles of a hot spring bath. So, even on the coldest winter nights, I feel consoled in the warmth of the candle’s flame.

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