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Bread Beauty Supply’s Upcoming Launch Is Fruity And Refreshing


Image courtesy of BREAD

Bread Beauty Supply has been creating daily essentials for textured hair since 2020. With its roots stemming from the ‘90s Australian braiding salon the founder, Maeve Heim, grew up in, the brand has launched fan favorites like their award-winning scalp serum to bestselling hair cream. Most recently, they’ve released their first tool, scalp-thingy™, an ergonomic silicone brush that stimulates hair growth. Next up, the clear-wash shampoo and baby-soft conditioner will be available in Sephora on December 12. 

These new products are “a love letter to Australian summers,” Heim says. “I grew up in Australia, where you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world,” she says. “However, I never really felt I could enjoy the beauty of the beach, because I never wanted to get my hair wet,” she says of not originally knowing how to care for her texture after. Now, with these new products, “the beach is my happy place. This launch kind of feels like re-claiming those moments of my childhood and teenage years that I missed out on.”

Heim says the new shampoo and conditioner will help “round out” the routines of the BREAD community. “A highly effective clarifying shampoo and conditioning routine is so crucial for the health of the hair, and for overall styling results,” she says.

As the first step in a haircare routine, the clear-wash shampoo is enriched with sage, rosemary, and an amino acid complex to help repair the hair. As if cleansing your kinks with the cool, crisp beach air, “these ingredients give the scalp such a refreshing zingy clean.” For step two, Heim is “obsessed with the fruit profiles” in the baby-soft conditioner. Infused in the formula is one of her favorite ingredients: a super fruit cellular extract, Davidson Plum, which is an incredible antioxidant and conditioner. “The combination of clear-wash and baby-soft allows your hair to breathe and help bring your natural definition to life,” she says.

Overall, Heim is feeling inspired to continue meeting her customers’ needs. “As we listen more intently to our audience, I’m excited to dive deeper into what makes BREAD special,” Heim says. “We’re in a position now to be able to deliver more of what they’re asking for, and that is most exciting of all.” 


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