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Exclusive: A ‘Very Proud’ Angelina Jolie Was There To Celebrate Zahara Becoming An AKA


The Jolie Family

While all of the Internet aunties beamed with pride watching Zahara Jolie cross and officially become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated on the campus of Spelman University, no one was more proud of the 18-year-old than her family.

Mom Angelina Jolie and brothers Maddox and Pax flew down to Atlanta to celebrate her big moment, and they shared exclusive images with ESSENCE.

“Angie is very proud for Zahara,” says a source close to the Oscar-winning star and mom of six. “She is impressed by her choice to work hard, her interest in service and her wish to join the AKA sisterhood – one of the many impressive HCBU sororities. It meant so much to Angie and Zahara’s siblings to be there to support her, and to congratulate all the other girls.”

Angelina was photographed with Zahara, Maddox and Pax at an event where the newest members of the “Sweet” Mu Pi chapter were presented. They also photographed Zahara walking in singing “I Finally Became (an AKA).”

Exclusive: A ‘Very Proud’ Angelina Jolie Was There To Celebrate Zahara Becoming An AKA
The Jolie Family

At the event, Jacqueline Walters, physician Dr. Jackie of Married to Medicine fame, and a proud AKA, was the keynote speaker. Walters said it was one of the highlights of her day, alongside welcoming “these intelligent, articulate and amazing 50 new sorors!”

According to the source close to Angelina, Zahara worked for months to be a part of the organization. Service means a great deal to her and that is what she is most looking forward to as an AKA. They also shared that while attending Spelman and amid her efforts to become an AKA, she was able to keep up her grades, finding time to volunteer and work as an RA, too.

Zahara began her undergraduate studies at the historically Black liberal arts college for women in 2022 and is already making an impact. She’s sure to make an even greater one now.


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