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I Tried On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection


Brandon Blackwood

As a 5’0″ individual, I’ve long been frustrated with the fashion industry’s limited options for diverse body types. Being petite, finding well-fitting clothing has been a challenge. From sleeves that are too lengthy to the unintentional boxy aesthetic, the struggle has been real. When Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 outerwear collection was announced, I was eager to give it a try and share my findings with my fellow petites shopping for the chilly season.

During my visit to Brandon Blackwood’s office in NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting Ece Ercanli, the Lead Apparel Designer, who coincidentally shares my height. Ercanli oversees custom pieces and spearheaded the design of this season’s outerwear collection. She’s worked on custom pieces for Beyonce’s Renaissance tour, Megan Thee Stallion, and Serena Williams. Ercanli, understanding the petite struggle firsthand, emphasized her focus on creating garments that cater to various body types. Since starting the brand’s apparel line, the goal has been to make pieces that make everyone feel chic and sexy. “I always had a problem with buying things for myself, the sleeves would always be too long or the chests were too bulky for me,” Ercanli said. “What I focused on [in] this collection is fitting these garments [on] multiple body types. We made sure that a petite or a plus-sized body can fit [into these pieces], so we really carefully curated our size range.” 

Brandon Blackwood’s F/W 2023 outerwear collection offers a variety of sizes, from XS to XXL for puffers styles and S to XL for long coat styles. Additionally, the collection includes a nylon puffer scarf in black, completing the ensemble. The pricing for these items ranges from $85 to $375. Here’s a glimpse into my experience with each piece:

The Denim Logo Puffer

Trying On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection
Kerane Marcellus

This cropped denim logo puffer jacket in XS fit me extremely well. It features adjustable strings at the bottom for a cinched, tailored look. The sleeves were the perfect length. Even with a sweater underneath, it felt snug without being bulky.

The Twill Logo Puffer

Trying On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection

This gold-tone twill fabric puffer in XS mirrors the denim puffer’s fit; it’s just as warm and features the same logo motifs. It also complimented the jeans I was wearing, so if you plan on wearing denim all fall into winter, this jacket is a must-have.

The Cropped Puffer

Trying On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection
Kerane Marcellus

I opted for an XS in this black puff bomber jacket. The sleeves hit my wrists nicely, and the hem rested on my waist, offering a sleek silhouette, which is my preference. If you like an oversized look, sizing up is a great option.

The Ribbed Comforter Coat

Trying On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection
Kerane Marcellus

A New England essential, this icy gray long puffer coat in small is perfect for the colder months. While this style works better with a pair of heels for me, its plush fabric promised warmth and insulation.

The Tailored Puffer Coat

Trying On Brandon Blackwood’s Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear Collection

This tailored puffer coat in small is a game-changer for petites like me. The tie detail on the side added sophistication, and the sleeves were just the right length. Its pillowy texture doesn’t compromise functionality, making it a chic winter staple.

The Brandon Blackwood Fall/Winter 2023 Outerwear collection will be available on the brand’s website on October 20th at 12 p.m. EST.


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