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Let Hermès’ New Eye Collection Be Your Fall Go-To


courtesy of Hermès Beauty

In 2020, Hermès changed the game with their first-ever color cosmetics collection, Rouge Hermès and Hermès Plein Air. Now, the brand is expanding the range with eye products. Le Regard consists of 6 eyeshadow palettes, 6 Trait d’Hermès mascara colors, and 5 tools. “The inspiration for this collection comes from a perception of nature paired with the house’s expertise,” says the brand’s creative director, Gregoris Pyrpylis. 

As for the eyeshadow palette shades? Ombres Pétales, Végétales, Fauves, Marines, Fumées, and Mordorées are a mélange of sophisticated oranges and pigmented violets. The 6 palettes include 4 silk powder eyeshadows with pigmented shades from natural to intense. The palette has two round and two square eyeshadows in an ultra-graphic Bauhaus-style composition. Each shade within the palette has a different level of pigment intensity– perfect for however you feel like expressing yourself. “The shadows and highlights applied to the eyelids can work to brighten or temper the gaze,” Hermès artistic director, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, says, “while a line intensifies and accentuates it.”

To complement the shadows are 6 deep, dense mascara shades. This includes the mysterious, black spark of Noir Fusain, to the hazy azure pigment of Violet Indigo.  Additionally, the lash-by-lash applicator coats the eyes with a gentle formula– composed of 97% natural ingredients– and creates volume. 

To further tame the lashes and brows, designer extraordinaire, Pierre Hardy, created lacquered, wooden tools. Le Traceur, an angled brush; L’Ombreur, a rounded brush; and L’Estompeur, a blending brush. Additionally, there is La Brosse, a spoolie; and the Courbe-cils, an eyelash curler. Together, they work to shade, blend, and touch-up the eyes as key companions to the Le Regard collection.  

Expect to love what you see when looking in the mirror at this new collection. Afterall, “we wanted to give meaning to beauty rituals,” Dumas says. “We want to encourage people to look at themselves with kindness.”


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