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Mars In Sagittarius Will Make Everything Feel Brighter


The galactic center of Sagittarius falls between the 26th and 27th degrees of the fire sign. This is a very potent point that leads us to our freedom and truth. It’ll make sex seem like an intense union of people, bring change to outdated systems, allow us to embrace change as a cosmic and divine rite of passage, and expose the facts of situations in a public way (so pay attention to what is being broadcast in the news and on social media). Mars in Sagittarius will reach this degree from December 30 to January 1 2024, during the last days of Mercury retrograde. There will be a big reveal at this time, which means the square between direct Mars in Sagittarius and illusive Neptune in Pisces on December 28 might sting in the days after the fraught connection occurs. Since Mercury is retrograde and Neptune is confusing issues, we may choose to look the other way or bury our heads in the sand until we can fully comprehend what the universe is showing us. 


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