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Plump Your Skin With Shani Darden’s New Serum


courtesy of Shani Darden

The $186 billion dollar skincare market is full of new, attractive serums. This includes everything from “Botox in a bottle” facial treatments to “anti-aging” essences. “There are already a lot of hydrating serums on the market [as well],” celebrity esthetician Shani Darden tells ESSENCE. But with skin streaming on the rise, prioritizing a bouncy, plumping serum that really works should be on your 2024 goals list. “I wanted to create one that felt luxurious and leaves the skin looking dewy and supple, in addition to strengthening the skin barrier.” 

To complement her existing five-star products– which include a Hydration Peptide Cream and Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer– Darden’s latest addition is the most plumping yet. “I formulated my Moisture Boost Plumping Serum to address my clients’ needs for a hydrating serum that provides both instant and long-lasting hydration,” Darden says. “It was challenging to find the right combination of ingredients known for their hydrating and plumping properties that could deliver this experience.”

After a long period of contemplation, she decided to join snow mushroom and glycerin, a dynamic duo which “surpasses the hydrating capabilities of hyaluronic acid by 400 times,” she says. Not just that, a boost of panthenol (vitamin B5) reduces trans-epidermal water loss and gives a resilient complexion. Meanwhile, Pentavitin and red algae work towards a strengthened barrier, and Velvet Flower infuses the skin with essential minerals and vitamins. To top it all off, antioxidant fruit complex shields the skin from environmental stressors, like extreme weather and pollution, and plumps your skin with a youthful appearance.

Thanks to the ingredients, “this serum is designed to target a wide range of skin concerns, making it perfect for a diverse range of individuals,” she says. From dry skin and fine lines, to stressed barriers and damaged skin, the Moisture Boost Plumping Serum is a one-stop shop to a moisture-fueled complexion for all skin types. To be applied in the morning before sunscreen, and again at night before moisturizer, this serum “serves as a vital hydration step, creating a well-rounded routine that addresses your skin’s need for moisture.”


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