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Sex Talk: What’s ASMR Sex And Why Should You Try It?



ASMR is not just for you to fall asleep quickly; specific visual and auditory sounds can be used erotically to enhance a sexual experience. For some, sounds such as whispering or hearing water run can illicit a relaxing, euphoric response. Still, those similar sounds can be used for a pleasurable and restful sexual experience in the bedroom. Once you and your partner find a type of ASMR that works for you, you can start incorporating it into your sex life for a more profound and restful activity. Although ASMR is not inherently sexual, the relaxation and stimulation can lead to more intimacy and pleasure during sex.

So, how does ASMR sex work? The use of ASMR can reduce anxiety and help you relax, which can help you and your partner ease into sex seamlessly, especially if either of you becomes nervous leading up to the act. ASMR can also give you heightened sensory awareness or be pleasurable because the sounds can trigger other areas in your brain. People who tend to gravitate towards erotic ASMR videos and podcasts say they have a more intimate and emotional experience than watching traditional porn, as the technique can explore your inhibitions and fantasies in a more relaxed state, removing any type of pressure to perform in the bedroom, because ASMR sex doesn’t involve any particular positions in the bedroom. Still, rather than finding a trigger that turns you on, the technique is rooted in a trial-and-error process. 

Once you find your trigger with your partner, ASMR can be a restful, calming sensation that increases feelings of connectedness. However, it’s important to note that not everyone becomes turned on by ASMR sex, as they might have difficulty discovering their ideal trigger or not experience ASMR at all. Sometimes, people find ASMR annoying or can share feelings of calm and relaxation from videos without feeling the tingles. 

It’s important to note that there’s no right way to incorporate ASMR into your sex life, and the ASMR content you choose may not be erotic but helps you relax and connect. Speaking to your partner about what interests you both in the bedroom is crucial.

Here are a few things you can try if you’re interested in exploring ASMR sex: 

  • Whisper your fantasies. Get in bed together and take turns whispering your hottest dreams. 
  • Focus on the sounds during oral sex. Oral sex produces sounds as well as physical sensations.
  • Get handsy. Try out tracing patterns on the skin. You can use a feather or fingernails to work your way across your partner’s body gently.
  • Play erotic ASMR in the background. You can buy erotic ASMR sounds and porn while you and your partner have sex. 


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