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Sofia Coppola W Magazine Volume #5 2023


There’s something going on over at W Magazine HQ, and we are 110% behind it. Just last month, the magazine’s editor Sara Moonves dropped not one but five celebratory fashion covers featuring models-of-the-moment. Now, for Volume #5 2023 which is an issue dedicated to originals, Moonves throws us yet another surprise and bestows upon us Sofia Coppola through the masterful lens of none other than firm forum fave Steven Meisel. In the cinematic black and white cover image, the American filmmaker looks divine all glammed up wearing a little black Chanel number from the French fashion house’s Fall 2023 haute couture collection, as chosen for the occasion by stylist Karl Templer.


Needless to say, W‘s latest went down an absolute treat on our forums. “Meisel and Coppola are a great duo. Love their chemistry,” noted KINGofVERSAILLES.
“Oh good LORD this is absolutely divine, an absolute delight and a total feast for the eyes. Fantastic to see Sofia Coppola and even more so to reunite with Steven Meisel. These are people at the top of their game, and it shows. What a dream team. Those photographs of Sofia are heavenly, love the haaaaaair, the makeup, the Chanel, the lighting, the atmosphere… you name it,” raved vogue28.
“The cover is a glorious serve,” enthused mepps.
Also equally as impressed was forum member kasper, commenting: “This is THE fashion photography I like: expensive, high-class, charming, elegant and sophisticated.”
“This is so good. It reminds me of the first Sofia Coppola cover of Vogue Italia (by Meisel too of course) for December 1992. She brings here her Italian roots, the dignified mature woman she is now,” admired jjjmmm.
HodanChloe described the cover as “gorgeous” and we’re not sure anyone could possibly disagree.
See more of Sofia Coppola via the lens of Steven Meisel and join the conversation, here.


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