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theFashionSpot Awards 2023 Model of the Year


As officially announced December 11, the year 2023 is to mark the 1st annual theFashionSpot Awards. Over on theFashionSpot forums, members have been asked to participate in the event and vote for their respective favorites across a total of five strong categories. To commence the end-of-year award festivities, the categories for 2023 were set at Designer of the Year, Collection of the Year, Model of the Year, Magazine Cover of the Year and Ad Campaign of the Year.

The fierce voting has since closed, each and every vote has been accounted for – and the results are in! Therefore, without further ado:

The Model of the Year Award for 2023 Goes to…







…Vittoria Ceretti!


Congratulations, Vittoria! Amassing a grand total of 40.8% of the votes, is it really any surprise forum members have voted in their droves for the Italian beauty? Throughout 2023, we’ve witnessed Ceretti grace the covers of Vogue France, Perfect and D la Repubblica, while landing campaigns for mega brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo and Michael Kors (to name just a very select few). Need we even mention the countless runway appearances during fashion week? A well deserved win, if you ask us.


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