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Vanessa Lee’s MedSpa Joins Shani Darden Studios


courtesy of Shani Darden

Improving skin aesthetics includes a delicate balance between tending to the superficial layers (think: facials and non-invasive treatments), and medical aesthetic procedures. This includes anything from injectables to bio-stimulators. Most of the time, however, receiving care for every layer of your skin requires bouncing from your esthetician and medical provider on opposite sides of the city. Shani Darden Studios in Beverly Hills is here to change that, by joining forces with Vanessa Lee’s Medspa, The Things We Do.

“Vanessa was exploring purchasing a space in Beverly Hills for The Things We Do,” celebrity esthetician Shani Darden– known for giving facials to A-list clients such as Kelly Rowland and Jessica Alba– tells ESSENCE. “As we were talking about it, we realized that it made the most sense for her to operate out of my studio since we share so many of the same clients.”

Medical aesthetic provider, Vanessa Lee agrees.“Shani and I have always said that if we could go back in time we would have opened up together,” she says. And it’s not just because they’re great friends and also two of the most trusted authorities in beauty. “There is a well known, deep relation to cosmetic treatments and skin health. The two elements go hand-in-hand,” Lee adds. 

It also helps that Darden’s clients aren’t new to The Things We Do. “I have been referring my clients to Vanessa and TTWD for years now,” Darden says. “I love being able to provide the convenience of having [them] at the studio along with providers that I trust implicitly. It makes for a really seamless experience for our clients,” she continues. 

As for the big picture? The partnership includes more than just skincare treatments. “We want to continue educating people, who are interested in beauty guidance and skin health, that facials and medical aesthetics are the most powerful when they are combined,” Lee says. “And, obviously, I’m looking forward to getting drinks together a lot more, too.”


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