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Year in Review: The Best of Black Love 2023



The year 2023 was not for the weak. Celebrity couples have been through the wringer, from breakups to makeups and permanent separations resulting in divorce. Although many couples couldn’t stay together as a unit this year, several stood the test of trials, tribulations, and time. You have Nelly and Ashanti, who showed us just how successful “spinning the block” can be, or Will and Jada Smith, highlighting the importance of unity and the sanctity of marriage despite the public’s disapproving opinion. Some celebrity couples, like Da Brat, Ciara, and Russell Wilson, grew their family by having children. Most importantly, the below couples gave us hope that real love is still present and everlasting amongst heartbreak and descension. Let’s hope that they can keep the romantic flame burning in 2024!  

Nelly and Ashanti 

When “spinning the block” goes right! Y2K artists got back together this year, and our early 2000s prayers have been answered ever since. Although there are rumors that the couple is now pregnant with their first child together (which hasn’t been confirmed), they are choosing to simply enjoy each other’s presence via birthday parties, trips, and appearances. 

Will and Jada Smith 

The decades-long married couple didn’t hesitate to stand ten toes down on business about each other and their nuanced union during Jada’s “Worthy” book tour. The lauded actor once said the following about his wife, “There’s no deal breakers. There’s nothing she could do—ever—nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death, and it feels so good to get to that space.”

Yo Gotti And Angela Simmons 

We love to see a manifestation become a reality. Earlier this year, Yo Gotti began to date his dream girl, Angela Simmons, and they’ve been enjoying each other ever since. From lavish birthday parties, to international jaunts, these two are having an amazing time with each other. 

Jordyn Woods and Karl Anthony Towns

This young couple continues to stay strong. From their early beginning in 2020 to now, you can spot them out internationally at fashion shows and events. Karl also supports Jordyn’s entrepreneurial dreams and goals and has offered to fund several businesses of hers. 

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens

These newlyweds are settling into several months of being married. In April 2023, the couple wed in Texas at a courthouse and then traveled to Mexico for their second wedding with 144 guests. Now you can see them on Instagram prepping to build their dream home. 

Halle Bailey and DDG

While they come with controversy, Halle and DDG are often together despite the rumors constantly swirling around them. They go on vacations, date nights, and red-carpet appearances together. 

Ciara and Russell Wilson

While the couple has been married since 2016, their love still feels fresh, which is probably due to how much time they spend together. They also just welcomed a new baby to their ever-growing brood, a little girl named Amora Princess. 

Da Brat and Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart 

Da Brat and Judy are simply adorable together and have a comedic and warm quality to their relationship. They recently gave birth to their first son, True Legend in August of this year. 

LeBron and Savannah James

This couple remains MVPs for many reasons. You hardly hear anything controversial about their James crew, as they have a strong foundation and are supportive of one another. LeBron also makes it a point to shout out his loving and supportive wife during his proudest moments. 

Rihanna And A$AP Rocky 

This posh and trendy couple continues to stand under the radar to raise their growing family. They welcomed their second child, Riot Rose Mayers in the summer of this year. 

Porsha and Simon Guobadia

It’s now been a year since the couple has been officially married. And while the public had their doubts they seem to be doing just fine, as they are taking care of their family and often traveling internationally. 

Bresha Webb and Nick Jones Jr. 

We all loved to see one of our favorite funny ladies stroll down her Old Hollywood-themed aisle to wed TV writer Nick Jones Jr. in Beverly Hills in February 2023, but now they are expecting their first child together!


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