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The Story Behind Bernard James’ Holiday Campaign Starring Justin And Telsha Anderson-Boone


Quil Lemons

Article continues after video.

The eponymous brand Bernard James, founded in 2010, is a fine jewelry brand with an emphasis on detail and intimacy. In James’ latest holiday video and campaign, we can see that through imagery of entrepreneurs Justin Boone and Telsha Anderson-Boone, alongside their baby, Shepherd. In these black and white family-style portraits shot by photographer Quil Lemons we see the jewelry James has designed in a new light. From the Spectrum tennis bracelet and Omen black ring that Justin is wearing to Telsha’s classic set of the Empty Tears necklace and matching earrings, these pieces are meant to convey part of the brand’s ethos that is “classic never dies.”

Bernard James Capture’s The Essence Of Family In His Latest Holiday Campaign Video 
Quil Lemons

This campaign is meant to evoke emotions if you feel moved by its beauty, and James ensures you’re moved by his pieces too. All of James’ pieces are inspired by personal memories and feelings. “There is one piece that references my baby ring that my aunt gave me—my first piece of jewelry,” James tells We can tell through these pieces that James is focused on his jewelry being true works of art as each design goes through meticulous craftsmanship. The choice to cast the beautiful Boone family was the designer’s way of translating what he deems as “our celebrities.” He says that working with the family unit “felt so organic since they naturally inspire the brand.”  

This shoot even inspired the designer to finally take his family portraits. His close-knit family lives in different states so, it’s been difficult to gather for the photo opp but James says he will “stop at nothing to get them done.”

Bernard James Capture’s The Essence Of Family In His Latest Holiday Campaign Video 
Quil Lemons

With this holiday campaign video directed and shot by David Ko and Jacob Cooper, James presents a unique vantage point on intimacy and softness within the Black family unit. Justin holding baby Shepherd lovingly, Telsha leaning on Justin, and the family each embracing one another. James brought to light, in a classic way, the essence of a Black family thriving. 

The Holiday 2023 collection is available on


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